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Reiki Therapy


We  are the only yoga studio in Peachtree City who offers Reiki therapy with Master therapists

Crystal Therapy


Cheri  enhances her Reiki treatments with "Crystal Therapy"   & Heated Amethyst Biomat  

Class Times - Closed Sunday




 9:30 am  Vinyasa (70 minutes) 

Beginners/All levels Cheri/Micah

11 am  Gentle Yoga (70 minutes) 

Beginners/All levels Cheri/Micah

6 pm  Vinyasa (70 minutes) 

Beginners/All levels  Latha




9:30 am  Vinyasa (70 minutes) 

Intermediate  Micah

11 am   Gentle Yoga  (70 minutes) 

Beginners/All levels  Micah

6 pm  Vinyasa  (70 minutes) 

All levels   Lindsey




9:30 am  Yoga Stretch (70 minutes) 

Beginners/All levels Cheri

11 am   Gentle Yoga  (70 minutes) 

Beginners/All levels Cheri

6 pm  Hot Yoga (70 minutes) 

Intermediate  Micah 




9:30 am  Eclectic Yoga  (70 minutes) 

All levels Cheri

11 am   Gentle Yoga  (70 minutes) 

Beginners/All levels  Cheri

6 pm  Gentle Yoga (70 minutes) 

 Beginners/All levels  Cheri/Kim 




9:30 am Vinyasa (70 minutes) 

All  levels  Micah

 11 am Gentle Yoga (70 minutes) 

 Beginners/All levels Micah




 9:30 am Yin /Restorative Yoga

             (90 Minute class)

Beginners/All levels  Cheri/Latha 


VIP Studio Membership Benefits:

$25 - Membership fee per person   
***If you miss three months consecutively, you will be asked to repay your membership fee

$85 - Monthly unlimited classes
$150 couples / or any 2 family members monthly unlimited

$150/ weekday punch card - 10 classes - Get first class free

$200 Saturday class punch card - 10 classes - Get first class free
 You have the opportunity to attend  unlimited classes, workshops and special events when you have time on your schedule  - -

Non-Member Individual class prices:

You can attend a class and not be a member: Please bring your own yoga mat if possible
$15 walk in / guest fee --- Weekday classes 9:30 am - 11 am & 6 pm - 60 minutes

$20 walk in / guest fee --- Saturday 9:30 am class - 90 minutes

$110 monthly unlimited classes

$150/ weekday punch card - 10 classes - Get first class free

$200 Saturday class punch card - 10 classes - Get first class free

​​Class schedule & class prices are subject to change 


Enhance your Yoga

Our Mission


  Yoga can be a labor of love:  Learn the true art of listening to your body. As life touches each of us, our bodies begin to change. "Vinyasa Yoga" can be as gentle/or as strong as you would like it to be. Everyone can become aware of their own practice and how it relates personally to their own needs. With the rhythm of your breath; you guide the asana finding new ways to stretch your muscles, achieve balance, body alignment, strength and flexibility.  We will guide you; whether you need to gently strengthen the body, relieve stress, enhance your concentration or recover from an injury. All of our yoga instructors have 200 hours of certification minimum. We can help you to make your yoga experience a personal achievement.       Namaste' Cheri  

Reiki / Enhance Your Wellness


  The practice to the Western World.   It is a precise system of healing which accesses universal life force energy. This energy is also known as Ki, prana, mana, and Chi throughout the world. It helps promote healing in all living things on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The Reiki (pronounced "ray-kee") Master and Reiki Practitioner are channels or facilitators for this healing energy.   

Crystal Therapy / Enhance Your Reiki Session


 The wisdom of ancient wise men of India has given us the concept of the "wheel" or "chakra" in Hindu.

The Chakras are the seven major energy centers located along the spine where the subtle  body energies meet the physical human body, mind and spirit. These meeting places are swirling vortices of energy. 

The use of crystals and their specialized subtle energy enhance  your Reiki  session.

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